Hello and welcome to R.P. Apothecary!

     r.p. apothecary was born out of my calling to work with plants, my love of our mother earth, and my desire to share the magic of herbs with others. i am head over heals in love with the plant world and i hope that shines through in my shop.

     my formulations are firmly rooted in my background as a bioregional folk herbalist. i ethically wildcraft the herbs found here in the des moines lobe of the western corn belt plains. what i canít find within the prairies and woods of iowa, i cultivate organically on my acre, located at the southernmost point of the bioregion. these medicines will be especially healing to those who live in this area.

     in my shop you will find simple tinctures, herbal infused oils, herbal tea blends, salves and more. my selection changes from season to season, dependant upon what herbs are available and how much i can harvest. check out our blog for more on all topics of mind-body health!

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